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Constructing a product for a specific audience.

May 8, 2013

The simple answer to the very vague question, “how do media producers construct media products for specific audiences?” Is, they will do pretty much everything and anything to draw an audience in. Some of those specifics however are things like; Nichè genres, the small town theory, Incentives, promos, pilots, specific actors/locations/props. to explain these specifics slightly more; Nichè genres. This usually catering to a specific age range for instance, most stereotypically the two groups of people who watch action films as a preference are, men aged 13-25 and men aged 35-50. So if you where creating an action film you are instantly Thinking of that age range while creating it. The small town theory (polar opposite viewing.) This is where you take a situation in full understanding the people you are aiming it at most liking very rarely or never have experienced that situation, catering to curiosity. For instance the film ‘Local Hero’ set in a small Scottish town was view by more ‘city dwellers’ then any other group and by a large majority. Incentives, this is usually only in programs such as bargain hunt etc. Where the viewing audience is offered a opportunity to win a prize by answering a very simple question. Promos, usually in trailer form. This draws in the audience as they have about 1 Min to make they’re mind up on the program itself and if they can be ‘bothered’ to watch it. Pilots, this is basically a full episode length promo. Usually show to a focus group so any feedback can be taken into consideration and to be used to amend the program. Specific actors\location\probs. This is usually to carry on a successful franchise and a way of securing a certain percentage of the audience the program makers know are loyal to the particular actor/location/prop.


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